“A New Path” by Robin Estevez

I’m the kid who grew up to be

A father of 3 – awesome kids

Who hasn’t quite figured out

How he lucked out with such a great wife

Such a great life

I’m the kid who grew up

Between the aisles

Stocking up cans filled with dreams

I reached higher


To reach the top

Son of a shoe shiner

Who grew up behind the counter

Working iron hours

From the time the iron gates went up until they came down

Working side by side with my father & siblings

Starting from nothing

Building the foundation



To make something

That takes me over the top

Puts me in a new space

Level up

Into a new place

Come on lets set the pace

Face the challenge

New skills needed


New capabilities


Same work ethic obtained as a kid

Helps the man with the plan

Get the New deals coming

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