“Skid Marks” by Robin Estevez

My mind is drifting
Skid marks mark up my life
To fast to furious
How long will I last in the fast lane
I’m speeding up
Trying to outwit the devil
But he’s right there with me
Riding shotgun
Egging me on
To drift into his hands & join his grand plan
So I take my foot off the gas pedal
I coast to a stop
Regain my mental level
Faith restored
With God on my side
I jump out that ride
Mind focused – Never been a drifter
I’ve been gifted with self mastery
With a purpose that’s definitive
Napolean Hill was right
I would outwit the devil

Inspired by the book “Outwitting the Devil” by Napolean Hill http://www.amazon.com/Outwitting-Devil-Secret-Freedom-Success/dp/1454900679


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