I got a bad habit and I’m trying to kick it
Like an addict, I’m always struggling just to fix it

But it’s not over, man

I got one life to live

Someway, somehow, I’ll get out of this biz

And once again, the game begins anew

I can see the 12 steps that I gotta get through 

This , is me

Holding on to my pocket full of quarters

I’ll do anything / to stay away from the corners

It’s finally time to throw the monkey off my back

I’m ready to get the needle out the haystack

I’m pissed

At me, myself and I

Cuz I slipped

I can’t be me, not like this

I’m not recognizing myself, even through my own eyes

Who’s this? Why’s this guy living in these lies?

This unwanted recruit is taking up my space

Turning my soul into a mute and occupying my state

Now I’m feeling backward, for sure

25 years ago I did my time

Now I’m sitting here, writing these lines

I know I buried this

Deep, never ever to be found

Who the hell dared to exhume you now?

Parade you around,

Like the big man in the town?!

Don’t you know I have a queen beside me

Ready, & willing 

Bringing out the best is me

But now I’m grown

I was just a kid last time you showed

You were strengthening your grip

You held me down 

Now you’re back again,

Playing the same old sound

(speed up) 

Gripping on tighter

I go lower, you get higher-

You know what?


Just like yesterday, I will bury you today

I’ll give you a piece of my mind,

Then I’ll have peace of mind

I’ve got a family with me, 

Heirs to this throne

Now I’ll never be alone

I hope you’re ready to be buried. 

Cuz today is the day

I set




No matter the space

No matter the mood

When it strikes

She must write

And write she will

Stronger than most

Her pen mightier than my own

The place doesn’t matter

She will carve her space

Between pen and paper

Filling the page with her being

Bringing life to paper

Connecting to something 

Even she doesn’t know to where

Plugged in 

She flows

The current traveling 

From the synapses triggering in her mind

She’s charged


Step back

She’s ready to blow

Have you gotten yours yet?

My book, Lessons from Behind the Counter, is available now in both English and Spanish. 

The stories and poems you’ll read give you an insight into how and immigrant family leaned into the American Dream. 

Here’s what some readers have said…

“A fun read that will get you seeing the world through the eyes of the writer.”

“This is a great family is story! Robin writes in poetic prose about the hard work towards common goal inspired by his father and uncles. It shows the true power of family and results of following the Golden Rule.” 

It has resonated with all who’ve read it, hopefully it will with you too. 

I’ll be honored if you pick it up on Amazon Lessons from Behind the Counter: The Principles a Business Family Uses to Empower Future Generations https://www.amazon.com/dp/069264458X/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_tOwXyb2X5J5B5

Advice to my Isabella

You ARE a writer. Right now, today. Allow no one, especially your “self” to tell you otherwise. 

Writers write. 

And guess what – that’s exactly what you do. Each and everyday. 


Because you, Isabella, are a writer.

It’s a new world one where the power is on the hands of those choosing to create. 

Those choosing to become more than what is expected of them. 

People who go against the grain and do what they believe in. 

Even when those closest to them believe otherwise. 

It’s your choice to believe in you and create or follow what is “expected” of you. 

PS: Mom & I expect a whole lot of you – 1st of to choose YOU above anybody else

Focus on One Thing

Focus your breath. Focus you mind. Focus you actions on the one thing that will make the most improvement. 

The trick is finding and sticking to your one thing. Not bouncing around from one to another. 

Your one thing is really the key to propelling you forward and on to the next level. 

*Read the book, “The One Thing” by Gary Keller

Forget it

Forget about impact. 

Forget about passion. 

Forget about titles. 

Forget about significance. 

The only thing that matters is doing the work. 

Day by day. 

Hour by hour. 

Minute by minute. 

Do the work, put your head to the grindstone, and hustle. 

Because there are no get rich quick schemes. Except doing the work.