Orion’s Belt


Fast paced

Good God the things to face

Sirens blaring

No place to sit

Be still trace back steps

From there

To here (hear)

I listen

To your words

Though we’ve never met

Connecting dots

Like stars in Orion’s Belt

North we went

Building bridges

To a home far way

So far from you

So close to this

Your choices A+

Making me


26 Letters Murdering the Page

Words my ammunition

Mental cognition

25 in the clip

1 in the chamber

Metaphors anchor Similes

Upping pedigree

Paper tatted

Ink stained

Glass raised

Pictured Matted

Framed for fame

Sentences became


Thrills seekers seeking autographs

Setting world ablaze

Thru simple essays

Paid by the word

Assassin killing it for the creed

Dumb Dominicans

Heard phrase

Didn’t phase

We own the place

Knew what we faced

Facilitating services

Developing taste

Satisfaction indeed

Guaranteed for

PhDs – Teachers – Lawyers

Business men

Never from corners

Grew in haste

Dumb Dominicans

Dominating New York streets

Broken English

No hablo inglés

The Coming New World Order

Have you seen this video of the new robots coming to a warehouse near you? See it here

This both excites me & makes me question…

What is going to happen to all our neighbors who do these type of jobs?

How do we adapt?

Where do we contribute?

While the future is already here automation & A.I. are making it more important than ever for us to choose to shop & support local businesses.

If not our neighborhoods will lose out in the coming wave of technological advances.

The Magic Ingredient

There is one place you can go and spend more time in that will supercharge your savings and maximize your food budget.  Best of all it requires no traveling or even opening up your wallet.

However, you will have to get past some mental roadblocks. 

You’ll have to develop courage and boldness.  Demanding of yourself to be more adventurous and willing to try new things. 

If you are capable of harnessing the power within then you’ll be ready to delight your family, neighbors, and guests. 

You will have to become fearless in the kitchen.

Many great home chefs are dismayed, disillusioned, and dismissed by the perfection portrayed on all the different cooking shows and magazines. 

What they don’t show is how the celebrity chef has a staff of 7 just to fill and refill her “mise en place” and lay out all the proper tools/gadgets needed to make a plate that won’t satisfy a toddler.

These same people are the same ones telling you don’t have enough time to cook while saying you can make dinner in under 12 minutes.

The reality is we are all busy with life – jobs, raising kids, and/or taking care of extended family.  I get it.  Lots of us are already stretched too thin.  We feel we don’t have enough time to be with those we love and never enough money to do the things we want.

Yet we are craving, starving for more meaningful connections.

I am here to tell you-you can have more time, fun, money, and build the connections you so much desire.  While caressing all of your senses – sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. 

Couple that with the stronger bonds you’ll build with those who truly fulfill you like no takeout order ever will.

Most of the general public spend to much time watching TV with an average of around 5 hours per day.  One out every 4 minutes is spent on Facebook and other social media platforms.  While over $3000 is spent on fast food and eating out. 

Take a look at this graphic and you’ll see the low hanging fruit to boost your food budget.  The likelihood of improving your health and increasing your savings is right there.  As Americans we are spending over $3000 eating out a year.  That’s a lot of money.

Source: Business Insider

We don’t need more time and as you can see the money is already there.  It’s being spent not invested in those things, which will bring you the most joy. 

By making the commitment of meal prepping, cooking, and eating at home as a together your family will enjoy each other more. 

Remember what you appreciate, appreciates.  You will likely laugh, have a deep conversation and undoubtedly surprise each other through both mishaps and successes in the kitchen. 

Discovering new recipes, ingredients, and capabilities you never knew you had.

To top it off almost automatically you’ll begin to see your savings grow and a few extra real dollars in your pocket.  Because the money that would have usually gone for Lo Mein or a large Pepperoni Pizza is now fueling your culinary adventure inside your own kitchen. 

If you find your family is eating healthier and generally feeling better, its probably because you are cooking with fresher ingredients and adding a touch of love, the magic ingredient, in every meal you make. 

If you find your family is eating healthier and generally feeling better, its probably because you are cooking with fresher ingredients and adding a touch of love, the magic ingredient, in every meal you make. 

How To Get the Highest Value From A Complaint

The value in a complaint is how you, the giver, delivers it and the receiver interprets it.  Some people get scared of reporting a complaint and shouldn’t.  There is a proper way to make sure those who receive it will hear it and do something about it.  It’s like football depending on which side your on your playing either defense or offense but no unnecessary roughness is required.  It may actually raise a flag and penalize you.

You want the person receiving the complaint to become your ally.  Embracing the problem you’ve just presented them with and take some action to fix the issue for you.  By fixing it they become a hero and a valuable team player for both you and the business.

Most of the time the receiver may not even realize something is wrong.  It is why you bringing their attention to is like a gift.  With the gift being able to make things right for everyone else who comes through your doors.

They will make sure to resolve what, who, and/or why is cause for the complaint.  Grateful to you for letting them know because you’ve built enough trust together by working the problem out to the benefit of all involved.  Most people don’t say anything then walk away annoyed.

It is your opportunity to say something and their obligation to make the best effort to make it better.  Now here are some steps for you to follow that will almost guarantee you get the most value from a complaint:

  • Offering up your complaint as a suggestion will almost automatically make the receiver of the complaint an ally.
  • Never chastise, berate, curse or otherwise mistreat who you are complaining to; 99% of the time it’s not their fault and would really like to fix the problem. Cursing them out in front of everybody more than likely will not get you what you want.  It’s always better to pull them to the side and let them know privately what the issue is.
  • Always be clear, direct, and say thank you for listening.
  • Let them know you’re reporting the complaint because you know they can be part of fixing the problem.



Kids smoking Juul’s

Instead of dropping them

Tarnished gems

Mind & spirit dull

Lulled to sleep

They forgot how to be woke

Creativity gone

(Puff) up in smoke

How do we wake them?

Where they stop sipping syrup…



This morning I was reading from “A Return to Love” and found these beautiful passages:

“During the time of the darkest of night,” says the Talmud, “act as if the morning has already come.”

God provides the answer to every problem the moment it occurs.

If we accept God’s will as already accomplished we experience the healing of all wounds immediately.

The universe is created to support us in every way.

God is constantly expressing his infinite care for us. The only problem is we don’t agree with him. We don’t love ourselves as he loves us and so we block our experience of the miracles to which we’re entitled.