How To Get the Highest Value From A Complaint

The value in a complaint is how you, the giver, delivers it and the receiver interprets it.  Some people get scared of reporting a complaint and shouldn’t.  There is a proper way to make sure those who receive it will hear it and do something about it.  It’s like football depending on which side your on your playing either defense or offense but no unnecessary roughness is required.  It may actually raise a flag and penalize you.

You want the person receiving the complaint to become your ally.  Embracing the problem you’ve just presented them with and take some action to fix the issue for you.  By fixing it they become a hero and a valuable team player for both you and the business.

Most of the time the receiver may not even realize something is wrong.  It is why you bringing their attention to is like a gift.  With the gift being able to make things right for everyone else who comes through your doors.

They will make sure to resolve what, who, and/or why is cause for the complaint.  Grateful to you for letting them know because you’ve built enough trust together by working the problem out to the benefit of all involved.  Most people don’t say anything then walk away annoyed.

It is your opportunity to say something and their obligation to make the best effort to make it better.  Now here are some steps for you to follow that will almost guarantee you get the most value from a complaint:

  • Offering up your complaint as a suggestion will almost automatically make the receiver of the complaint an ally.
  • Never chastise, berate, curse or otherwise mistreat who you are complaining to; 99% of the time it’s not their fault and would really like to fix the problem. Cursing them out in front of everybody more than likely will not get you what you want.  It’s always better to pull them to the side and let them know privately what the issue is.
  • Always be clear, direct, and say thank you for listening.
  • Let them know you’re reporting the complaint because you know they can be part of fixing the problem.



Kids smoking Juul’s

Instead of dropping them

Tarnished gems

Mind & spirit dull

Lulled to sleep

They forgot how to be woke

Creativity gone

(Puff) up in smoke

How do we wake them?

Where they stop sipping syrup…



This morning I was reading from “A Return to Love” and found these beautiful passages:

“During the time of the darkest of night,” says the Talmud, “act as if the morning has already come.”

God provides the answer to every problem the moment it occurs.

If we accept God’s will as already accomplished we experience the healing of all wounds immediately.

The universe is created to support us in every way.

God is constantly expressing his infinite care for us. The only problem is we don’t agree with him. We don’t love ourselves as he loves us and so we block our experience of the miracles to which we’re entitled.

On Being Right

We all want to receive confirmation and acknowledgment for having the right answer. Being the go to guy or gal for when things get tough and someone else needs clarity.

We want to win the argument, get our point across, and convince the other side to see it our way.

But there is a fine line between needing to be right and having the right answer. The former is all about ego, pride, and dominating.

You can (and perhaps have) gotten your way by needing to be right at any cost. Unfortunately your need is driven by ego. Which will eventually push those you forcefully got on your side farther away.

On the flip side being right by offering solutions, seeking guidance/counsel, putting yourself in others shoes and moving closer to the problem changes everything. Resulting in better answers and outcomes.

Not needing the credit or being seen as a hero or the man takes humility and confidence. Both of which will help you build momentum without ever being right.