(Nerve) Wracking

Kids out here cocking

With 2 bangers they be blocking

Taking lives they automatically glocking

This is F-ing insane shocking

Media pundits & politicians flocking

Camera lenses wide they hockeying

Positioning themselves mind hacking

Offering prayers while locking

Silk stockings

Covering up their greed they be mocking

Mothers and fathers keep knocking

Banging on their chest rocking

Trying to soothe they lacking

Love and compassion we need backing

Our kids shouldn’t be going to school nerve wracking

They should be learning knowledge stacking

Parents on their phone Find my baby tracking

Candles lit, crosses made, never forget notes tacking

Tic-toc time is now clocking

This Congress send packing

We got to stop the jackings

Hold these fools accountable and pull their financial backing

Whose with me

Slap’em across the face smacking

I couldn’t sleep thinking of the children, parents, and asking how we could do better. Wrote this between 445-530am on 2/16/18 about another mass murder in our schools. -RE

The old adage is true…

Never judge a book by its cover. The risk is missing out on something meaningful, powerful, or inspiring. 

Give it a chance. Don’t jump to conclusions. You might be surprised what you find. 

Turning a Blind Eye

Acting like you don’t know doesn’t help the cause. 

It’s better to face the facts and take action dealing with them because they won’t be going away. 

They are there to remind you of what needs to change, be pushed forward, or let go. 

Ignoring them is to your own detriment and everyone else around you.