This morning I was reading from “A Return to Love” and found these beautiful passages:

“During the time of the darkest of night,” says the Talmud, “act as if the morning has already come.”

God provides the answer to every problem the moment it occurs.

If we accept God’s will as already accomplished we experience the healing of all wounds immediately.

The universe is created to support us in every way.

God is constantly expressing his infinite care for us. The only problem is we don’t agree with him. We don’t love ourselves as he loves us and so we block our experience of the miracles to which we’re entitled.

Make Heaven Here Now

No need to wait to live a good life and in Heaven now.

Choose to create it here now as the Lord’s prayer suggests “…on earth as it is in Heaven.”

On Being Right

We all want to receive confirmation and acknowledgment for having the right answer. Being the go to guy or gal for when things get tough and someone else needs clarity.

We want to win the argument, get our point across, and convince the other side to see it our way.

But there is a fine line between needing to be right and having the right answer. The former is all about ego, pride, and dominating.

You can (and perhaps have) gotten your way by needing to be right at any cost. Unfortunately your need is driven by ego. Which will eventually push those you forcefully got on your side farther away.

On the flip side being right by offering solutions, seeking guidance/counsel, putting yourself in others shoes and moving closer to the problem changes everything. Resulting in better answers and outcomes.

Not needing the credit or being seen as a hero or the man takes humility and confidence. Both of which will help you build momentum without ever being right.

Just 10 Minutes

Time is relative to what you are doing with it.

10 minutes with a group of friends laughing till it hurts and it flys by.

10 minutes with your hand over an open flame and it lasts an eternity.

Pleasure and/or pain make all the difference in how fast/slow you perceive time to go.

30,000 Days

The average person gets 30,000 days to live or 86,400 seconds each day.

How you choose to use them is up to you…choose wisely!

How many days have passed? How have you lived them? How many more do you have to live? How can you add a few (or better yet many more) days to your count? How will you live them?

Everyone gets the same 24 hours yet some can squeeze more juice out of the day. How do you get the most juice out of yours?

Tomorrow (God willing) I will have lived more than 1/2 of those days. And look forward to getting the most out of those that remain. šŸ˜ƒ

Being Present & Keeping Depression at Bay

Unfortunately to many want to hide it, not talk about it, & power thru it. The “it” being depression and/or anxiety. My belief it’s because of others poor understanding of what they are. Simply put depression is regret of the past while anxiety is irrational fear of the future.

Believe me no one wants to be walking around like Charlie Brown and a cloud overhead – least of all me.

It is one of the main reasons I speak about my own bouts with depression/anxiety and Iā€™m not embarrassed by it.

The easiest way for me to explain depression to someone who never personally experiences this type of mindset is:

Have you ever floated in the ocean watching the clouds go by. It feels good, nice & relaxing? Now have you ever popped you head up and noticed how far out the ocean has dragged you?

As you are floating you are drifting with no direction just allowing the ocean to carry you wherever it wants. Someone on the beach might notice you and call out to you because you drifted to far. Or they may not.

In either case you have to swim back to shore to safety. No matter how much you like the floating you know you can’t stay out there because you will die.

The danger is getting so far out into the ocean you can’t even see land.

I been there and it’s scary as hell because honestly I felt I was going to die. And the thought of death scared me worse because I didn’t think I knew how to swim back.

The metaphor is the mind is the ocean/world. Drifting is the danger where you are with not direction. The mind drifting is dangerous. Being on shore your grounded with those you love, purpose, contributing, and happy. And swimming is learning the skills to be and live in the world.

It’s our duty for those we love friends and family to look out for them wherever they may be. Just like on the beach looking out at Everyone swimming staying alert so they don’t get out to far. So distance doesn’t grow between you and them. Say I love you or better show it. And if you have to jump in the water, get a life vest, get a speed boat do whatever it takes to bring someone to shore even a stranger.

Then help teach them to become a better swimmer. Here are some of the tools that have helped me remain present. Perhaps they can help you or someone you know. (In no particular order)

  • Not worrying alone. Talk to someone, anyone…just talk
  • Keep an attitude of gratitude
  • Cold showers/ice baths
  • TRE exercises
  • Mediation
  • Prayer
  • Journaling
  • Working out
  • Sleeping with heavy 25lb blanket
  • Healthy eating
  • Vitamins: St. John’s Wort, B12, Omega3

By no means is this medical advice and seek professional help if/when needed or call Suicide Prevention Line 800-273-8255.