“Trees Standing Tall” by Robin & Isabella Estevez

Isabella & I made this poem up while on our way to PreK. Wow how time flies. Seems like she was 5 years old just yesterday. Last night at dinner it came back to me & as soon as I started reciting it Isabella jumped in. Amber & Matthew did too 🙂 it was how they all learned the seasons. I can see it them vividly spreading their little arms wide like a tree, their sing song way of reciting it, & our favorite part of making the sound of the wind. So glad I remembered it…

“Trees Standing Tall” by Robin & Isabella Estevez

Trees are standing tall
Reaching for the sky
With their branches spread wide
And the wind blowing by
In Spring they all blossom
In Summer they gives us shade
In Fall they change colors
In Winter they blow away

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