Corporate Shop vs Independent Shop

These corporate shops

Play no games in this war

To acquire more 

Customers tagged as just COGS

Cost of Goods Sold

They are out to blast them

Bombard and target them

Just to make that extra dollar

Using stealth techniques

Triage into the wallet

Of all who come through their doors

No holding back

Its the shareholders they’ve got

But across the way

There’s the independent

Who’s not playing in the same box

Or by the same rules

While those others are out using guerrilla tactics

Trying to breakthrough to you

The independent is directly building a relationship with you

Supporting you

Having your full interest at heart

Wearing it on his sleeves

Rolling them up

Breaking bread with you

And offering you a cup

See you and him are just the same

Both striving to make it in this infinite game

Calling each other by name

Neighbors serving Neighbors

Is the mantra they speak

Unworried about the Wall Street traitors

Because you and I rather trade

One to one

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