Acting Your Age

When a kid throws a tantrum you know it’s all about getting attention.  The kid believes, mostly from past experiences that stomping his feet, bringing up tears, and yelling (especially in a crowded restaurant or shop) will get mom’s attention.  Better yet it will more than likely get him what he wants.

Most of the time it works – until it doesn’t.

Mom and dad  are no longer having it.  No matter how loud little Timmy gets something is obviously different.  No one is rushing over whispering promises and pleasantries.  Even when Timmy begins rolling on the floor mom and dad pay no mind.  Garnering embarrassed stares from the other parents.

By doing “nothing” they changed the game.  No longer will shrieks, pulling at the hair, tears, or stomping of hands and feet be used as lever like some Pavlovian switch to get mom to give into a little brats whims.

The real change didn’t come from all the kicking and screaming.  It came from mom and dad’s defiance to give into the kid in a crowded restaurant.  Having the courage to stand up to the little tyke will save the world of this type of terror when little Timmy is 50 years old.

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