What I learned from a kids book…


Not to long ago I sat down to read my youngest a new book he had just gotten, “What Do You Do With An Idea!”  Before long his two sisters joined us on his bed as I read to them.  Partway through the book it struck me that this “kids” book IS for entrepreneurs and business owners as well. It resonated with me especially considering the challenges, excitement, perseverance, and growth of an idea when it takes hold. Only those close enough can see how it can and will change the world and so you must protect the idea and your confidence at them same time. But an idea only works if you do. An idea only lives I you bring it out into the world and “ship it” as Seth Godin would say. An idea whether it flourishes or not is up to you to nurture and defend it until it becomes bigger than itself.  It’s been said before that thee day before an idea takes off it and goes viral its inventor was crazy. So I ask you what crazy idea are you working on

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