What I learned by asking better questions…

The quality of your questions determine the quality of your answers.  It is up to you to be able to fully articulate what an empowering question is for you. I first learned about the Empowering Question from Lee Brower, a business coach, at Strategic Coach & Empowered Wealth.

Lee challenges us to asks better questions of ourselves, loved ones, team, & community. An Empowered Question will lead you to more & better questions. With compounding in quality answers that will help pull you into a bigger future.

Some the empowering questions that I asked myself daily are:

How do I help my kids, nieces & nephews become the best versions of themselves?

How do we as leaders of our team serve them better & guide them to reach their full potential is inside & outside the business?

How do we make our communities better?

How do we make sure that an entitlement mentality does not set into our team, ourselves, & our children?

How can I best contribute to the family, team, & our community?

Begin to ask yourself empowering questions & see where the answers will take you

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