Stop & Smell the Flowers


At an inflection point
Infected by the bug to succeed
Determined to find a cure
I will not cede
Although what it it I’m not so sure
What’s written on the wall so clear
Yet my feet are so muddy
Change is afoot
And we must change with it
What course to take
Going in circles
Have I lost my direction
My one true north
Star so bright it lights up the night
But is it for me
Following like the Magi
I trod ahead
A wise man once said
Focus is the key to success
Follow One Course Until Success
Have I said to many yes
Diverted my attention
Causing this stress
To achieve success
Round & round
My mind & heart go
Seeking work life balance
They’re not in harmony
Got to move on
No time to rest
On these laurels
In high regard I hold my morals
So I’ll take a breath deep
Smell these colorful florals
Before heading up another peak

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