A Simple Choice

No matter the choice

no difference the outcome

the reality is

your value is known

Not about looks

But about attitude

Not about just the books – you’ve read

But about your own grattitude

See persepective can be skewed

While your preception is swayed

By making the decision – have you been screwed

Choice delayed limits your potential


Ability to pick yourself

The only self that matters is you

To decide is to finalize

limit and cut off

But to see the choices opens up opportunities

For obligations to your self

Can’t lie to your self

Because he is always in your ear

But sometimes he needs to be


So you can fulfill the obligations

Created by opportunities made by the

Simple choice is

to pick yourself

One thought on “A Simple Choice

  1. Checking in a bit late– so i read two of your wonders today- feels like dessert before dinner– i KNOW you will once again see your way– Breathe deeply and know that we are close by your side —sending you good feelings for a wonderful ride ..Cheers always to you


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