I got a bad habit and I’m trying to kick it
Like an addict, I’m always struggling just to fix it

But it’s not over, man

I got one life to live

Someway, somehow, I’ll get out of this biz

And once again, the game begins anew

I can see the 12 steps that I gotta get through 

This , is me

Holding on to my pocket full of quarters

I’ll do anything / to stay away from the corners

It’s finally time to throw the monkey off my back

I’m ready to get the needle out the haystack

I’m pissed

At me, myself and I

Cuz I slipped

I can’t be me, not like this

I’m not recognizing myself, even through my own eyes

Who’s this? Why’s this guy living in these lies?

This unwanted recruit is taking up my space

Turning my soul into a mute and occupying my state

Now I’m feeling backward, for sure

25 years ago I did my time

Now I’m sitting here, writing these lines

I know I buried this

Deep, never ever to be found

Who the hell dared to exhume you now?

Parade you around,

Like the big man in the town?!

Don’t you know I have a queen beside me

Ready, & willing 

Bringing out the best is me

But now I’m grown

I was just a kid last time you showed

You were strengthening your grip

You held me down 

Now you’re back again,

Playing the same old sound

(speed up) 

Gripping on tighter

I go lower, you get higher-

You know what?


Just like yesterday, I will bury you today

I’ll give you a piece of my mind,

Then I’ll have peace of mind

I’ve got a family with me, 

Heirs to this throne

Now I’ll never be alone

I hope you’re ready to be buried. 

Cuz today is the day

I set



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