A Perfect Death

What do all these things have in common:

Photographs, records, film, camera, VCR, CD, taxi, and flashlights

They were all considered to be perfect at sometime and are now forever gone (or will be soon).

I’m sure you can think of several more things that are/were perfect.

The point is once something is thought to be perfect it’s demise will be on the horizon.

The pace at which technology and society is advancing doesn’t allow for perfect to exist.

Now I ask you, “What’s perfect in your life that you can’t do without?”

Whatever it is either you that you destroy it, making something better, or someone else will come and do it for you.

Don’t believe me. Take a closer look at how and what some of your favorite companies have done to evolve and survive:

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Apple, Uber, Amazon, and Google

I beg of you don’t die a perfect death.

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