Making a Wish

What happens when you get what you wish for?

Will you be estatic, over the moon, or delighted?

What’s happens if you’re not ready for when it comes true? 

And all your wishes will come. Because whether you realize it or not you’re always working toward them. 

Make sure to be ready for when they come. Some might by years or months away. But still they come. 

You’ll never be 100% prepared but at least be ready. Eyes wide open. Adaptable.  

And please don’t complain – remember it is what you wished for. 

Always, always be 1% better than than yesterday. That little 1% will mean a world of difference. Compounding upon itself over the year. 

Helping you keep your wish rather then being burned by it. 

One thought on “Making a Wish

  1. Love this! Powerful message! In order to achieve what we want we have to be ready for it, success will not come to the whiners and complainers.


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