The Missing KPI Metric

We all have metrics to track, performance reviews to give, and reports to read.

What are the Key Performance Indicators your company tracks?

If you didn’t mention connection to your neighbors, clients or customers. Then you are missing one of the most important KPI’s there is.

My family and I operate a chain of Foodtown Supermarkets and one of the ways we know our team is connecting on a personal level with our neighbors is by how many real conversations they have.  Or when a neighbor brings in a tray full of home baked cookies to the team in appreciation for their efforts.  Sometimes they even bring in a plate of food from their BBQ or a taste of a new recipe they tried.  Moments like these are just as important as basket size, contribution to GP%, and cash flow.

Real connection should be a part of the overall health of your company.  Because at the end of the day we are here to serve our neighbors.  So be interested in them and the profits will come.  As long as you run a great shop.  Things will begin to fall into place and the bond you create with your neighbors will help cement you as a pillar in the community.

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