She Knows My Hiding Places

Hiding away

Far from others

Can’t look you in the eye when we speak

Because I see me

Reflected back in your big brow eyes

Ashamed of how I’m running things

I hide from your view

Knowing quite well you sneak a peek or

Two of us is really what its meant to be

So much pride, love and respect

I have for you

Believe in my

Its all you do

Pushing and supporting me

Even when I’m hiding from you

I can’t

Because your my rock

Who knows all my hiding places

And when to make me stop

And smell the roses you whisper into my ear

Sharing more of yourself

Then I’ll ever be able to give back

I got yours no doubt about that

Thank you is all I can say

As we lay beside each other

Wrapped up as one

Not knowing where you or I begin

Intertwined, my release

And now I’m able to breathe

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