Fear of a Blank Page

Fear of a blank page

With nothing to say

Like an animal locked up in a cage

I’m bouncing off the walls

Ready to wage a war

Upon this page

My weapon in hand – the pen

Mightier than the sword

Filled with ink

I’m stained

Looking through the glass outside

Willing myself to write whats inside

I’m picking the lock

These bars can’t hold me

Pen meets paper removing the block

Taking my liberty

I’m John Locke with this

So I can’t miss

‘Cause I’m hanging with deep thinkers

Gaining enlightenment

Fearing not the blank page

But how to remove the dark age of doubt

That’s creeping into our homes

Stealing away our children

Killing their dreams

Wanted for murder

We need to stomp it out

This doubt that persists

Exists in the mind of children

Because in life there is only one way to live

And its fully

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