The Fallacy of Balance

I’ve come to recognize I will never be in work/life balance.  Where I dedicate only 50% of my time evenly between work and my home life.  Any time I made an effort to keep some sort of balance guilt would overcome me.

At work I would be thinking I should be home and when home thinking I should be at work.  The back and forth of feeling guilty wasn’t worth it.  Now I look to remain in harmony, instead of balance, knowing sometimes work requires and needs my full on focus and dedication.  But also seeing family and my personal life is just as or more important as work.  There will be times where my only focus will be my family.

Not being conflicted of where, when, and who I should be with removed the guilt.  Gone was the time wasted agonizing over doing some work while on vacation or missing a game.  Being a business owner and doing it successfully requires an incalculable amount of time.  Just as being a great father, husband, and friend requires the same kind of commitment.

How can you stop working towards balance and play in harmony?

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