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One of the easiest ways to get people in motion is to point out the low hanging fruit. Better yet have them point them out.  As they begin to see and harvest those easy to reach wins something changes inside of them.

What first starts off as entertainment begins to reap results.  Everyone loves an easy win. What would be an easy win for you or your team?

Once people start getting those wins they begin building momentum and winning becomes harder to stop.  Pretty soon they realize they have harvested all the low hanging fruit around them.

Soon they set their sights upon other plots of land with even more fruit to pick.  The different more exotic ones intrigued them.  So they venture into the unknown learning and harvesting fruit unlike they had ever seen before.

They develop new skills, tools, and capabilities enabling them to reach those which were once unattainable.  Gaining greater confidence, courage, and commitment they become pros at seeking out, finding, and harvesting the low hanging fruit where ever they go.

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