Rising up

Rising up

Stretching my arms & legs – mind
Shaking the sleep off me

Because it’s the cousin of death

Before its my time

I’ll make it happen

Rising up
To meet the day

I pray for guidance

To find my way

Lost in thought

Cold water splashes on my face


Rising up
Like a lotus but this is no pose

Through the murky waters that run deep

I’m digging deeper

To keep my muse & prose alive

To find my purpose in life

6 thoughts on “Rising up

  1. Love your poetry, Robin! Curious about what you mean by “finding your purpose in life”. From our time together in the AltMBA, your passion for your work with family owned grocery stores seems to be tied to your purpose. Hope that you are doing well and that are continuing to ship on your projects 🙂



    1. Hey Andres – that line is curious to me too! I generally don’t edit what I write. I’m very passionate about families & business. Looks like a bit of self doubt creeping in with wanting to keep creative juices flowing…How to find the harmony between work-family-creativity?

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      1. Great idea not to edit and keep the inspiration going! The beautiful and interesting thing about purpose is that it’s living and expresses itself in multiple ways. I guess when I first wrote my comment I wasn’t relating to purpose in the way I just described 🙂 Looking forward to keep reading your poetry and seeing how we continue to try to find that active balancing act of work-family-creativity.



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