Stone Mason

As your father I will be your stonecutter

You will be the architect

You’ll design as you wish

The path laid out before you

You must choose whether it will be of river rocks, cobblestone, or marble

I’ll teach you to use the tools you’ll need
But you will have to mix your own mortar

As you pass the milestones of your life

No matter it’s beauty or cost never wear a millstone around your neck

Let it sit where it resides

Dig deep inside and remember

You always have a choice and the choice is always yours

Be sure not to get jaded my love because you are a gemstone who’s luster the world will see

When you begin to build your brownstone

Build no stone walls around your garden

Let the sun shine through

Making smart use of the light that’s cast upon you

Let your mother be the cornerstone

From where you build your foundation

The stability and strength you’ll gain

Will hold any storm that comes to bear

When my gravestone is set

Come visit with joy and cheer

Knowing that your standing at my foot stone

As the capstone my dear

But understand this

As soon as that is true

Your journey has just begun

Because all through this life

I’ve proudly been the stepping stone

For you to reach greater heights

Now it’s time for you to become the stone mason

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