Just Like Boys

In a culture of machismo

How do we teach our boys more?

That degrading women

Calling them B’s this and H–

Oh no I won’t say that

Why not show a bit of vulnerability

Because our sisters, mothers, and wives are women

We should be celebrating them

Showing them the respect they deserve, earned

But ‘naw we choose to be the bad ass

Toting guns, blasting our lives away

Spitting vulgarities even in front of the children

All for what, posturing

Trying to make ourselves bigger

Not realizing that the bigger you try to act

The smaller your going to be

How do we teach our daughters to expect more?

No man better than she or worth more than her

Show them they stand on equal footing

If he can then so can she

Mother of the Earth and all that resides in her

Giving life to all

Women deserve more from us

Compassion, motivation, love, respect

Just to name a few

Let’s raise them up

To be just like our boys

Strong, independent, determined, grounded

Because our boys

Our men will need a strong woman beside them

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