Most of us are 

Using stimulants

To stimulate

Mental stillness

Wanting the world to stand still

Even for just a moment

Getting are fix from a cup of joe

Workaholic, alcoholic, sexaholic

Careful to not end up an “Ex”

Burning at both ends

Trying to make them meet

You see we’re all looking for the same thing

A connection to our true self

A better version of ourselves

With only 12 steps to go

Why don’t we ever begin

Fear of leaving behind

What will push us forward

So busy we remain idle

Choking on fumes of our own discontent

We become disconnected

Drifting away

From who we are meant to be

Stop the madness

Reach within

Bow your head and grasp your hands

Speak to He who knows the path

Let him lead and you’ll find

That the stillness you seek

Was always within your reach


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