There is no app for that

There is no app for that. How to think and make the right choice. No app that is going to help you get out of a tough spot. Between a rock and a hard place you’ll find yourself if you think the solution is only $.99 away. There is no app that is going to give you a good work ethic & teach you not to be a jerk.
Yes downloading the latest free app will entertain you for a while but it will never replace the simple fact that you only you can figure out what to do next. Not an impulse but really what do you do next to improve someone else’s life and maybe even your own. Yes it’s great to be able to hit an app and get a card to show for you around. Get your food and groceries delivered. Apps work great course they do. But an App only exist because someone did the real physical hard work of thinking, planning, building, and selling it. The app exists because someone put in the work.

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