Applying Filters


A filter can alter completely the view we are seeing before our eyes. The right filter can and will enhance a picture and bring out elements that the naked I cannot see or precieve.

What filters can you apply to bring out the best aspects Of your life?

Sometimes we need to screen before saying yes to certain things. I find myself applying filters to some things that are asked of me before committing to them. If it does not serve my family, my team, my God, or my goals that you cannot serve me and I will not take it on.

Other times when I wish to do something that I may very well believe pleases me but may not be in the best interest of my team or family. I will drop it – move on – and look for something else that is more aligned with those I care most about. For example and we want to order a burger deluxe but realize it will not help me reach my overall goals of getting 275 pounds. So I would choose a better option maybe a salad. This filter of seeing myself at 175 pounds keeps me motivated when my will maybe week and easy to convince to make a poor choice.

See what filters you can apply to the different choices you need to make.  How can applying the right one can give you a more vivid, realistic view and help you achieve your goals?

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