Making Lists

You’re ready have a “To Do” list with important projects and things to get done some that you keep pushing back waiting for just the perfect day.

But what about your “Not To Do” list.  What are the non-negotiable’s that you will not do? What are the things that you need to stop doing and put on a “Not To Do” list. Is that thing so important that you are the one who has to do it. Maybe just maybe there is someone else on your team or in your life that would love to take it off your plate. Or better yet get rid of it. Obviously it’s not that important if you keep burying it.  Free yourself from the shackles of it occupying your mind.

And since were talking about lists what is on your “To Be” list that you are putting off.  I know you want to be healthy, to be happy, & to be more than you are today. What will go on your “To Be” list?

Now get out a pen and paper and review your “To Do” list scratch out a few of those projects that you know you’re never going to get to or delegate them to someone else. Next write up your “Not To Do” list that one will challenge you a bit & might be the one that frees you up the most.  Finally this list will energize you & get you to really take action. Write down what should go on your “To Be” list.

Get this done today. You should have 3 lists:

1. To Do
2. Not To Do
3. To Be

Have fun & let me know what you come up.

One thought on “Making Lists

  1. Well, I haven’t made those lists yet, but your suggestion has given me the idea to read some Shakespeare, perhaps?

    To do, or not to do…

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