Fear of Falling

As babies we’re encouraged, expected to fall

Get up & do it all over again
Its how we learn to walk
Tripping over ourselves
Holding onto the coffee table for some support
& yes we still fall short
(Some keep crawling figuring out that they’ll get
there faster on all fours)
Gaining confidence & speed
With each successful step
Parents & grandmas clap
Hold their breath
Babies got a second wind in ’em
Their precious now labeled terrible
For doing what they were encourage to do
Cute as they may be
A terror is on the loose
But where is that push when they past the age of 2
As adults dare you not fall
For fear of ridicule & giggles from the passersby
You won’t take that extra step
You wait to gather all the details
Get everything in order
What will happen
If you choose to fly
To not only walk or run
But to soar
Get up off that floor
& go break down some doors

5 thoughts on “Fear of Falling

  1. Please forgive.. I have been leaving you comments along the way but it seems i post them in the wrong place!! I really LOVE your words and am so very happy you are still posting– i look for them every day.. This one brought tears ( of happiness for you and your wonderful gift ) Keep writing..its your calling need to see you published for the world to see!! Best,estelle


  2. Robin, I think I say WOW every time. You really are developing quite a collection of ‘pensamientos’ – they’re so good and so worth sharing. Thank you.


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