“Nowadays” by Robin Estevez

Tip tap on cold clear glass
Letters form text SMS
No more hand written thank you’s
Just a happy face emoji 🙂
Are we losing a sense of emotion
With this constant finger motion
Of sending out texts & emojis
Whole conversations had
Without a word ever spoken
Eyes glued to a screen so bright
That our vision is blurred from what’s
Within sight
Removed from the present
Our presence online is all that matters
So we’ve wrapped all the bad & ugly & hid them away
Only posting our wonderful days
Vacations, food porn, red cups in the air
All Instagramed to your followers, stalkers
Snooping around
Digging deep into your “Likes”
Who this & why didn’t I get an invite
No need for Tom to peep in your window
‘Cause you already let the mob in to view all your goodies
So take a step back
Put down the iPhone, Android
Be in the Now, live into life
& step out of the void

3 thoughts on ““Nowadays”

  1. Hi Robin,

    I’m so impress with your writing did not know you write this way, I think this should be transferred to a book under your name. I couldn’t sleep last night, so I started looking at the Facebook page and you came up I began reading wow!!.. nice, beautiful I loved it. I said I imagined a lot of us don’t know he write this way I need to let them know , so I posted in the NSA Chat .


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