What are you going to put down?

For most of us we walk around carrying so many things. Our arms are wrapped around tightly hoping to not drop any of them. We live in this perpetual fear that something may slip and everything will come crashing down as we’re grasping to keep everything in balance.

 What are you carrying around that you can’t seem to be able to put down?  What responsibilities, guilt, stories from your past, your future, worries, mortgage & college payments, your sons & daughters, you good & bad habits, the cultural norms and stereotypes.  Maybe you keep trying to bury those skeletons deeper into your closet or perhaps it’s your weight, negative self talk, or the lies you tell. Or worst maybe it’s the lies you tell yourself. Come on let’s keep piling it on the memories, past loves, material wants, the new house.  Piled so high on your back & in your arms that you can’t even see over everything you’re carrying let alone where the next step will land. Where each step is a risk of something shifting whether in your arms or in your heart each step can bring it all thundering down to the ground. 

   So the question really should not be “what won’t you put down?” The question needs to be “What WILL you put down now in order to be able to pick up something better?” Or perhaps “What will you DROP that will help you pick up the pace & lighten up the load?” 

   The reality is that we all have something(s), even some people that we need to let go of. Who don’t get to go where we are meant to GO. It’s is up to you & me to put those things down so that on the road ahead we will be better able to keep moving forward. 


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