“The Grattitude Advantage” by Robin Estevez

A few years ago something shifted within me. My perspective change and it’s opened a whole new world for me. I would not say that I was ungrateful more so that I did not take time to appreciate all the great things that surrounded me. We should not forget the point Lynne Twist taught us “What you appreciate, appreciates” in her book “The Soul of Money.”

This shift has been and continues to be a gift of countless blessings. I’ve been able to move into a place of living “in grattitude.” Of being able to accept things as they are and even remaining “in grattitude” in situations that would previously would have upset me. It is about being able to appreciate even those things which we wish to avoid. Recognizing that it’s our choice to remain “in grattitude” or not.

In this way of thinking you’ve moved from gratitude being a reaction to/from. As when someone does something nice to you. It becomes a state of being – an attitude. It’s plain to see that attitude lies within gratitude and your attitude helps determine your level of gratitude.

By now you’ve probably noticed the strange way I’ve written grattitude with 2 t’s. You can imagine my shock & delight when I saw this billboard near Yankee Stadium spelling it the same way by artist Peter Tunney. A positive message for all to see & work towards.

How can you move into grattitude?



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