“In A Crowded NYC Bistro” by Robin Estevez

In a crowded NYC bistro
She sits by the window
People watching
I’m watching her
It’s warm inside
Umbrellas walk by
There’s a buzz in the air
The chatter of the crowd
Talking to one another
& we’re together
Latte, a Bloody Mary, Over-well please
The crowd speaks
To our hearts beating as one
In a NYC bistro
Just like this one
We fell in love
Sitting by the window
We bared our souls
& saw in our eyes
What was, is meant to be
Promised we wouldn’t talk about the kids
Just us
But they make us
Fall in love again & again
We begin to walk in the rain
Gaining time being together
Jumping over puddles we giggle
A leap of faith
Into each other arms


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