“The Other 4 Letter Word” by Robin Estevez

Yeah you know what it is
But I ain’t saying it
Borough so much pain
Just by saying it
Too much hurt & suffering
Passed down innocently
By father to son, mother to daughter
We’ve been indoctrinated to repeat it
From the radio to TV shows
Tshirts to sweat pants
Whole groups labeled as its ambassadors
Lives lost massacred
Because of race, color, sex, or religion
Not mine
Let’s find a new creed
And stand against it
4 little letters that could’ve meant so much more
Let’s embrace its opposite
Remove it from our tongues
Put away our guns
Stop the haters from hating & drinking that haterade
Stop hate
Make Love

It’s been about a year that I personally have worked to remove it from my vocabulary. Take a minute to notice how many things, people, or situations you may use it in. From Justin Bierber’s latest song, to traffic, or something at work. What about around you – start listening for it – you’ll be surprised how much h_te is in the air. Now let’s work towards changing it.




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