“Immigrant Dreams” by Robin Estevez

statue of liberty blog
Left my home
For a new place
With only hope to sustain me
I dream of a better tomorrow
But today I will
Go hungry & not sleep
Putting miles
Beneath my feet
I’m hungry for that better tomorrow
I can taste it with every sunrise & the morning dew
I can see it so vividly in my dreams
I’ve forgotten where home is
To be
I’m in a daze
With nothing in my belly
Days filled with walking, dreaming, swimming, hiding
I’m homesick
Wanting mama to serve me un platito de algo
What should I do, que hago
Do I turn back
And forget about tomorrow
Do I continue & send back
Un dinerito para mama
So that she has something to serve, para servir
As the sun sets I make my bed & my mind
To find that better tomorrow
#YourTurnChallenge #Day5

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