A Mother Keeps Her Promise

Cannot imagine having to part with one of my own
Whether by choice, necessity, or God’s will
We’ll soon be together Mi hijo, my son
I imagined she whispered in my ear
In between the Lord’s Prayer & countless Hail Marys
A necessity
Forces a hard choice to be made
With God holding them in his embrace
Mother & child
Lives together enlaced
Will this be our fate?
Not enough time
Not enough money
Not enough of me
To work on the factory line, cook & clean, & tend to you, your brother & sister
This is not enough for me!
There has to be
More for me
For them
Because even though
I have to leave one behind
We’ll always get ahead
Because my faith & will are strong
United we’ll be
I’ll work & pray & work & pray
More & harder
Until we are all back within your embrace
robin toddler
Picture of me as a toddler with long hair.

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