Turning a Blind Eye

Acting like you don’t know doesn’t help the cause. 

It’s better to face the facts and take action dealing with them because they won’t be going away. 

They are there to remind you of what needs to change, be pushed forward, or let go. 

Ignoring them is to your own detriment and everyone else around you.  

What Leaders Make

As leaders we need to hear, see, and listen to what those around us are feeling and seeing.

Ignoring or delaying the hard truths just makes matters worse. 

The leaders job is to keep the vision and propel others forward. It’s out job to cultivate and grow more leaders. 

Those new leaders will be the ones to further grow the business. While looking for more opportunities which in turn allows for the creation of more leaders. 

Leaders learn to anticipate rather than having to react. They create the future that others live into. 


Determine what is no longer sustainable in your life?  Look into every aspect from work to personal. 

What can you kill off or walk away from?

What would you gain from removing the unsustainable from your life?